March 24 double bill: Support Distress Centre Calgary’s volunteer heroes!

Sometimes, they save lives. Sometimes, they just help someone get through a bad day.

Since 1970, Distress Centre Calgary has offered 24-hour-a-day crisis support to Calgary and southern Alberta. That’s round-the-clock, free, non-judgmental, compassionate and accessible support for whatever life is throwing at you (403.266.HELP, or 403.266.4357).

Distress Centre Calgary manages a 24/7 crisis line, e-mail channel, and daily chat and daily text for youths. The centre also offers professional counselling for people with problems that can’t be resolved over the phone. And for those who need help accessing community, social and health services, DCC has 24-hour support on its 211 line.

They don’t define crisis. But they’re there to listen. And everyone is heard.

We’re proud to know that Distress Centre Calgary is around to strengthen the social fabric of our community. That’s why, on Saturday, March 24, we and our pals from Falussy will be donating all of our ticket sales during our show at the Blind Beggar Pub to help Distress Centre Calgary volunteers continue their vital work.

Distress Centre Calgary relies on more than 48,000 hours a year from volunteers to run its call centre. Recruitment, training and support for each of those volunteers runs about $1,600. The centre’s Basic Needs Fund disburses about $90,000 a year to families in dire financial need. The ConnecTeen program fields about 3,000 calls, chats, text and emails a year, and growing.

So come on out for a killer double bill on March 24 (the fun starts at about 8, and will run well into the night) and have a great time, knowing that you’re supporting some true local heroes with your money!

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